Quintesens oil moms Bio 500ml

Mix of 6 oils rich in omega-3, designed for the period of pregnancy and nursing.

Manufacturer: Quintesens

SKU: 6300021


Theoil Bio Quintesens moms is a sensible 6 oils association, designed to accompany pregnancy, to provide the nutrients that the baby and you need.

These 6 oils are:

  • the oil rapeseed, source of omega-3 and 6;
  • the extra virgin olive oil, rich in omega-9;
  • borage Virgin oil, that contains a acid γ-linolenic (of omega-6 Polyunsaturated fatty acids);
  • Virgin oil of Golden flaxseed, high omega-3 content;
  • wild fish oil, composed offatty acids omega-3 DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid);
  • oil of sunflower, which brings some omega-6 and vitamin E.

This oil Quintesens brings, in fact, essential omega-3 construction of the brain and the retina of baby, while covering all your needs in essential fatty acids.

6 oils were made in France, they are first cold-pressed and organic farming.

Directions for use:

Use oil in your daily cooking. Prefer a use at the end of cooking to preserve its natritionnelles qualities.

Avoid fried foods.

3 teaspoons per day ofoil Quintesens allows you to cover:

  • 100% of your nutrient intakes recommended vitamin E;
  • 80% of your CNA in omega 3 (acid fat alpha-linolenic);
  • 52% of your ANC in omega-6 (linoleic fatty acid and Gamma-linolenic);
  • 47% of your ANC in Omega 9;
  • 43% of the ANC for the pregnant or lactating women on DHA.


Unheated seed. 1pression cold oils. Oil of tuna (Albacore / albacore) end of the co-products of fishing. Oil deodorized and purifiee, garantiesans PCB nor heavy metals (rates lower than the regulation). Provider Breton certifies "Friend of the Sea", organic rapeseed, oil of organic sunflower oil, organic Extra Virgin olive oil, linseed oil Virgin organic, marine oil deodorized, oil from Borage Virgin Bio.


A bottle of 500ml.