Quies Small Size Listening Asisstant Ear Molds 6 units

Domes of small size for the Quies Audio listening assistant.

Manufacturer: Quies

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Caps plugs are an accessory of theassistant to listen Audio plugsspare, a light, comfortable and discreet, hearing device that amplifies sounds, while filtering the noise.

These invisible tips ends with fins with the characteristics of being flexible and open: they do not obstruct the ear canal and allow a part of natural hearing.

These domes are essential for watching television without increasing the volume, to better take advantage of discussions between friends...

Anatomic shape, they are designed for the small ear canals. They are also available in large size.


End caps open to hearing aids (small size).

Directions for use:

Push the end of the tube of the wizard of listening in the orifice of the nozzle. Attention: do not damage the tube by pinching it with nails.

If the tip is too small for the ear canal, change it for a large size.

Maintenance: clean every day tips using the plugs Audio cleaning wipes.

Life expectancy: about 2 weeks.




A box of 6 open tips (small size).