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Quies Otospoon Double Action Earbuds x 100

£2.90 This product is no longer made or distributed.
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SKU 7465110 Quies Otospoon sticks Double Action by 100

First stick double action for natural hygiene of the ear. side Cup: form designed to remove Earwax loosely it. The Cup is used for the cleaning of the distal part of the duct. It is inserted gently out of the ear canal and allows movements of rotation bring Earwax outwards relying on the walls of the duct. Rounded edges, this dish allows both a gentle cleaning and rigorous. side cotton: generously provided to clean the contour of the ear. The cotton part of superior quality, with a diameter sufficient and compact. Its use is renovated in its true function, namely the cleaning of the Pavilion and the post-Auricular furrow contours. The traditional present of cotton prevents the break with habits. Precautions for use ensure that children do not use only sticks before the age of 7 years. do not use on a fragile ear (otitis history of surgical procedures...), talk to your doctor.

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