Quies Optik Multifunctional Solution Soft Lenses Set of 2 x 360ml

A multifunctional solution for the care of your soft contact lenses that provides daily comfort.

Manufacturer: Quies

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SKU: 2652592


Over the hours, wearing lenses can become unpleasant, the eye is irritatesand dries out. Optik Multifunctional Solution from Quies is a solution containing several active ingredients for the daily care of your soft contact lenses, including silicone hydrogel lenses. It cleanses, removes protein deposits and restores your contact lenses while respecting the natural pH of tears, and also contains an eye lubricant, hypromellose, which forms a protective shield on your lenses. Its active ingredient relieves dry eyes by keeping the cornea moist all day long, providing you with real comfort.


Always use a fresh solution poured from the vial, never reuse a solution in the lens soak case, close the vial after each use, discard any remaining solution 3 months after opening, not suitable for thermal decontamination, store at room temperature, there are no known contraindications to using the solution, however if you are allergic to any of the components, do not use it.