Quies Optik Contact Lens Multifunction Solution 30ml

multi-purpose contact lens solution flexible for eye comfort durable.

Manufacturer: Quies

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SKU: 9460051 Quies Optik multifunction 30 ml Contact Lens Solution

Today, the lenses correct all defects of the view current lenses benefit from the latest technologies. Thinner, more flexible, more adapted to the morphology of your eye, they are now much more comfortable. But, over the hours, the lens can become unpleasant. Better they are maintained, plus they offer comfort and quality of vision throughout the day. In addition, they are fragile and adapted and regular cleaning is required.


The Quies laboratory manufactures products entirely dedicated to well-being. it offers products for the comfort of the eyes.

Quies Optik Contact Solution multi-function lenses is a solution for soft contact lenses in order to bring a lasting eye comfort. This solution is suitable for clean, rinse, decontaminate, remove protein deposits, moisten, lubricate and store soft contact lenses.

This multifunction solution contains:

  • of the polyhexanide to disinfect and prevent contamination of the lens

  • of the poloxamer to eliminate dust and debris, proteins

  • of hypromellose, lubricant that forms a barrier on the lenses,

  • a sodium phosphate buffer that balances the pH of the solution.

Contact lenses are cleaned and protected safe.

Tips for using Quies Optik Solution lenses:

  • for a quick clean: soak the lenses in the solution for 4 hours. When the use of lenses, then gently massage.

  • for an option without rubbing: soak the lentils for 6 hours. The massage is not necessary.


Isotonic, sterile containing chloride of sodium and potassium, aqueous, edetate disodium, a compound comprising the polyhexanide of poloxamer, of the hypromeliose and a sodium phosphate buffer.


This product is sold with a pouch for lenses.