Quies Large Size Lisening Assitant Earmolds 6 units

Very discreet tips for listening assistant.

Manufacturer: Quies

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End caps plugs are suitable for theassistant listening Audio plugs. Very discreet, they have flexible and open, fins that do not obstruct the ear canal and allow a part of natural hearing.

These tips, or domes, to change regularly for optimal listening comfort. Anatomic shape, they adapt to the small or large ear canals.

Note: these bits of spare parts are also available in small size.


End caps open to hearing aids (large size).

Directions for use:

Push the end of the tube of the wizard look through the hole in the little tip. Attention: do not damage the tube by pinching it with nails.

If the tip is not suitable (too small or too big) to the ear canal, take a smaller or larger tip.

Clean every day tips using the plugs Audio cleaning wipes (to remove all traces of moisture and cerumen).

Change them regularly (about every 2 weeks).




A box of 6 open tips (large size).