Quies Audio Tube Left 1 unit

Spare tube for listening assistant brought in the left ear.

Manufacturer: Quies

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The left tube plugs to change one usedlistening plugs Audio assistant, a light and comfortable hearing, which amplifies sounds and filter noise.

This hearing aid is ideal for best listening to daily comfort. It allows to better take advantage of discussions between friends, not to repeat his interlocutor, not to increase the sound of the radio too loud...

It has a flexible and open, tip that does not obstruct the ear canal and allows a degree of natural hearing.


Accessory spare for listening assistant (left tube).

Directions for use:

Push one end of the tube into the hole in the end cap and screw the other end on the casing of the listening assistant.


1 tube (compatible with the listening assistant earplugs, worn in the left ear).