Quies Audio Protection EarPlanes for Adults 1 pair

An effective solution to regulate the flow of atmospheric pressure between the ear and the outside in a natural way.

Manufacturer: Quies

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The ear is particularly sensitive to pressure changes.

In some cases (landing, high-speed tunnel crossing), the sudden increase in pressure on the eardrum, the thin membrane of the ear, can cause pain that can sometimes be very severe, especially in children or people with colds.

Quies Hearing Protection EarPlanes Adult Travel Hearing Protection makes it easier for the ear to adapt to pressure differences.

It is a technological innovation designed and tested by the specialized ear institute in the USA: House Ear Institute as well as by the pilots of the US Navy.

They come in the form of a flexible tip with a microporous ceramic filter that regulates the flow of atmospheric pressure between the ear and the outside in a natural way.

Discreet, comfortable, adapted to the shape of the ear canal, they do not cause any discomfort.

They can be used by all people (and especially children from 12 years of age with sensitive ears) suffering from colds, allergies, transport ailments....


Protection for ears, for adults and from 12 years old.

Directions for use

Insert the ringed tip into each ear without forcing it before pressure changes (before takeoff and before descent by plane).
Remove the protections 5 minutes after returning to normal pressure.
By plane: For any short flight, they can be kept until landing.
For long haul flights, it is preferable to remove them during the trip and advise to reposition them before the start of the descent.


Silicone and ceramic anti-pressure filter.


1 pair.