Quies Anti-Lice and Nits Treatment Cream 150ml

cream treating lice and slow 100% effective.

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SKU: 4135553 Quies lice and nits cream Traitante 150 ml + 1 offered charlotte

Size tiny, lice and nits elect domicile on the hair and it is very difficult to dislodge them. Contamination occurs by direct contact. However, they cause discomfort but also diseases. Therefore, it is important to drive out them of our heads.


for years, Quies laboratories provide products for peace and the well-being of people in everyday life. they have developed a range of lice products and slow. This range of products thus provide an effective solution against these insects hair.

Range lice and nits offers Cream Traitante radical Quies. It provides 100% efficiency.

This cream radically eliminates head lice and nits. These insects are choked by this treatment to be deleted completely. Thus, the lice and nits develop any resistance.

In 8 hours of installation, 100% of the lice are dead.

Thanks to its mild and non-irritating, it attacked not the scalp and respects the hair.

In addition, cream texture allows a practical and easy application because it does not drip. It leaves the hair soft and easy to comb.

Quies lice and nits cream Traitante operating tips:

Put a towel on the shoulders of the person to be treated.

Apply the cream directly on the hair dry, not wet.

Gently massage the cream to spread it throughout the hair.

Insist the application behind the ears, at the level of the front and neck.

Put charlotte on the head to avoid the contact of the hair with the home environment.

Leave 8 hours.

Then rinse and wash your hair with normal shampoo.


never leave the child with his charlotte unattended.

cream without paraben and chemical insecticide.