Purina Proplan Adult 7+ Cat Tuna 85g


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Purina Proplan Adult 7+ Cat Tuna 85g  is a pâté made with ingredients that help lengthen your cat's life expectancy and improve bowel balance and the urinary system.


For cats aged 7 years and older. 

Directions for use

For a cat of 4kg, use 3 tins a day for meals. 


Meat and animal by-products, fish and fish by-products (including tuna 4%), vegetables, oils and fats, minerals, vegetable by-products, sugars. 
Analytical constituents: 75% moisture, 10.2% protein, 9.4% fat, 2.8% crude ash, 0.2% crude fibre.
Nutritional Additives: lives at 1740 IU / kg, lives D 3,245 IU / kg, fe (E1) 16,0 mg / kg, I (E2) 0,59 mg / kg, cu (E4) 1,5 mg / kg Mn (E5) 2.8 mg / kg, zn (E6) 40.4 mg / kg, se (E8) 0.032 mg / kg.


85g tin.