Puressentiel vegetable oil Rose musky organic 30ml

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Vegetable oil of Rose musky Puressentiel is an oil 100% pure and natural high quality. This oil has a high proportion of polyunsaturates fatty acid that acts on the regeneration of the cells and contribute to the flexibility of their walls. The Rosehip Oil possess many properties for the skin. It allows to improve the appearance of scars, even old, acting in depth in order to find the skin texture and a natural colouring. It also has antioxidant virtues, which, combined with the healing virtues, to block the progression of the wrinkles, especially those due to the photo-aging. Finally, the Rosehip Oil has properties dryer for the skin. Indeed, she brings the tone and a "peau neuve aspect" the epidermis. " The Rosehip Oil is very useful in case of scars, stretch marks, wrinkles or wrinkles, eczema or psoriasis, or even of sunburn...


Plant Rosehip Oil for the skin of the body and face care.

Directions for use:

Application to the skin: apply on skin care of the face and body massage.


Rose extract * * from organic ingredient.


1 bottle of 30ml.