Puressentiel Soft Heat Diffuser for Essential Oils

SKU: 9959187


Puressentiel Soft Heat Diffuser for Essential Oils brings you all the benefits of aromatherapy in a clean, silent and efficient way. It allows a good diffusion without denaturing the quality and the properties of the essential oils. Also, its thermic regulation system provides a constant temperature.

Directions for use

Plug the diffuser in to a soft heat and press the cord switch. The timer starts and stops automatically safely after 58 minutes of diffusing. To restart the timer, turn on the appliance again by pressing the switch again. Pour 20 to 25 drops of essential oils or Puressentiel Diffusion Blend into the center of the diffuser. The diffuser must be used outside areas exposed to artificial heat (radiator, convector or other) or moisture (water point).




1 diffuser.