Puressentiel Slimming & Anti-Cellulite Set

Lean Cabinet composed of 2 oils dry slimming and a sucker anti-cellulite.

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

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Puressentiel slimming Kit slimming Anti-Cellulite - 2 oils dry slimming + sucker Celluci Vac

Laboratory Puressentiel invites you to discover its special slimming anti-cellulite Kit rebel areas. Its revolutionary slimming method is to combine the power of 18 essential oils and of a sucker for aspiration to achieve the movement of tender - roll. This famous movement is one of the most effective actions to remove cellulite. Farewell horse panties!

operating tips

Sanareva pharamaciens advise you to use a few minutes per day the complete Puressentiel device (oil + dry suction cup). Attention however, this box may not be suitable for children under 7 years old or pregnant women.