Puressentiel Palmarosa Bio 10ml

The oil of Palmarosa is particularly recommended for the skin with imperfections.

Manufacturer: Puressentiel Expert

SKU: 9945417 Puressentiel Palmarosa Bio 10ml


Although it is still little known, this is the most suitable for general skin problems. And its fragrance is reminiscent of the rose.

  • Agents, antimycotic, antiviral.
  • Immune stimulating.
  • Astringent, stimulating cellular, moisturizing and healing.

Particularly suitable for skin with imperfections, it is recommended in the case of acne, eczema or simply daily skincare.

Palmarosa oil has also year effect draining and can be used during a slimming programme.

Puressentiel Palmarosa operating tips:

Skin in general: problems > apply a few drops locally, pure if it is an area of small, mixed with vegetable oil of calophyllum if the skin surface to treat is extended or if the application is on the mucous

Slimming program:

Mix 5 ml of palmarosa to 5 ml of vegetable oil, if possible hazelnut, and massage the affected areas, in thus always down (ankles) to move upwards (thighs): should "accompany" the return circulation.

Skin care:

1 or 2 drops in your care day / night cream, it is the best service that you can make to your skin, especially if it causes you concern.