Puressentiel oil Ravintsara essential organic 30ml

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The laboratory Puressentiel Ravintsara essential oil is an organic essential oil obtained in full respect of the assets. Ravintsara essential oil is one of the most antiviral essential oils. It represents an essential oil to do everything that it is good to have at home. It has antiviral properties, it helps to clear the Airways, it strengthens immunity and is energizing for the mind. She is also involved in the circulation of the blood in the microcapillaries.

Directions for use:

Take maximum, 2 drops 2 X a day on a neutral tablet, a piece of sugar or in a teaspoon of honey. Do not consume pure or mixed with water. Do not use in children under 7 years old and the pregnant or nursing. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Store in a dry place and away from heat. Keep out the reach of children. Should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Essential oil of Cinnamomum camphora * * end of organic agriculture


1 bottle of 30ml.