Puressentiel Nebulisation Essential Oil Diffuser

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Puressentiel diffuser uses the cold mist base of essential oils to preserve their active ingredients and natural properties.

With a small, modern and compact design, it works great everywhere from work and at home (home, office, hotel, medical office, beauty salon, waiting room, gym...) wherever you are.

We recommend that you diffuse only 100% pure and natural essential oils fragrances that are biochemically and botanically defined, such as those from the Puressentiel Expert range.


Pure essential diffuser for natural oils to leave the room area smelling warm and welcoming.

Directions for use

Gently place the protective glass in the fixing of the base joint and without turning it or forcing the movement, pour one of the Puressentiel mixtures or Puressentiel Expert 100% pure natural oils into the glass cover once the diffuser is plugged in.  To stop any oil filtering down the central filter place the gear onto the verrine. The amount of essential oil must never fall below the minimum level shown in diagram (A) (approximately give a minimum of 20 drops for 1 hour of diffusion) and must never exceed the maximum level indicated in diagram (B).

Be careful also not to spill any essential oil outside the protective glass (this could damage the support seal and weaken its fix), on the engine or on the wooden base. If the glass is wet, wipe it with a soft cloth.
Always remember to replace the reducer on the glass when the diffuser is running. Connect the diffuser on the sector with the adaptor provided with the device. Attention: Do not use another adapter different to the one originally provided. The switch has 3 positions: Position (0) to "stop". Position (I) low-flow distribution for a volumetric capacity of 60m. Position (II) high-volume broadcast for a volumetric capacity of 100 to 120m, with the timer set as soon as the device turns on (2 minutes diffusing, 1 minute break, turn off automatically). The diffuser must not be used around any artificial heaters (radiator, heater or other) or humidifiers. If your protective glass for the oil diffuser is broken, you can order a new one with us.
Maintenance Tips and Cleaning:
For the most effective diffusion, clean your glass 1-2 times every month. To do this, pour alcohol at 90C into the glass and swirl it around for 1 to 2 min. Then remove the glass, press firmly on the bracket seal and rinse thoroughly with warm water, then wipe with a soft cloth.
Do not insert any objects inside the glass, such as a metal rod, brush or needle lasts. This could permanently damage the central filter. Similarly, if you do not use your diffuser for a prolonged period, remember to empty it and clean it as essential oils may solidify, affecting its functioning and permanently stain the glass.
Do not put the glass in the dishwasher.
Do not use detergents. Precautions for use:
Do not diffuse essential oils around children under the age of 7 without seeking specialist advice - wait half an hour after the end of one diffusion cycle before children can come into the room - keep chlidren out of reach and sight of the diffuser. Do not use artificial fragances or oils as they may cause permanent damage to the diffuser.


1 x Puressential Nebulisation Essential Oil Diffuser.