Puressentiel Lotion technology Surfaces and hands 80ml

Antibacterial lotion for hands and the surface.Triple action: anti-bacterial, anti-viral and lenitive.

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

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SKU: 6018436


Puressentiel Assainissant Lotion against Surface and hands is a lotion that helps to disinfect immediately without water, without SOAP and rinse.This purifying lotion is concentrated in 71.4% alcohol and also contains the essential oil of lemon, lavender and tea-tree. Its formula is supplemented by the Aloe Vera in order to avoid any risk of drying to the skin.She performs a triple action: anti-bacterial, anti-viral and lenitive.

Hands are clean, desinfectees, and softened.The surfaces are reorganized.


Lotion formulated without preservatives, synthetic fragrance-free, no coloring, no SOAP.

Directions for use:

For hands:Take a DAB of lotion and rub hands for 60 seconds.Do not rinse.

For surfaces:Use on handles of doors, flying car, screens telephone, keyboard and computer mouse.Dry well.It is advisable to test beforehand.


Ethanol (case No. 64-17-5) 71.4% (m/m). TP01 and TP02 biocide.D-Limonene. Naturally present in essential oils.


1 bottle of 80ml.