Puressentiel O'xygen Ultrasonic Humidifier

Humidifier and ambiance donor, the O'xygen Ultrasonic Humidifier is a comfortable tool

Manufacturer: Puressentiel

SKU: 6026569


Puressentiel offers you an O'xygen Ultrasonic Humidifier, with many colours to choose from. Its system delivers a light mist of water, making it possible to humidify the room while improving the comfort of the respiratory tracts. The perfect tool for spaces with little or no moisture in the air. It can equally be used without essential oils when around children or babies. It is very quiet, practical and easy to maintain - the perfect diffuser for everyday use! 


The use of essential oils for children under 7 years can be harmful, take the necessary precautions before using the product.

Directions for use

Different modes of use are available to you:

  • Use as a humidifier: Use the diffuser with water only and the latter offers you to humidify your air according to your needs by offering you an instantaneous breathing comfort.
  • Use with essential oils: By adding a few drops of essential oils to the water tank, it adds to the  atmosphere with its pleasant scent.
Essential oils should not be used around children under 7 years. 
Wait at least 30 minutes before bringing a child into a room where the diffuser has been used.
Read the precautions for use before the first use and know the precautions for use of essential oils chosen for distribution.


1 diffuser in a cardboard package accompanied by a power supply.