Puressentiel Sanitizer Spray at 41 oils essential batch of 2 x 200ml

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100% natural 100% pure 100% total. 100% active.
Manufacturer: Puressentiel


SKU 2622591 Puressentiel Assainissant 41 essential oils Lot 2 x 200 ml Spray

Description: the 41 spray is aimed at all the places where we live daily and in which we are entitled to demand to breathe clean air and unpolluted!

formula: Association of 41 essential oils: dill, anise, basil, Bay St Thomas, rosewood, Cajeput, cinnamon from China, Atlas cedar, lemon, lemon grass, Cumin, Cypress, Eucalyptus, fennel, Berry Genievrier, Geranium, ginger, clove, true lavender, Lavandin grosso, Mace, Mandarin, wild Marjoram, Melissa, Spearmint, peppermint, myrrh, Niaouli, Orange, oregano, parsley, small Grain bitter orange, pine, Rosemary , Mountain savory, Sage, Tea Tree, thyme, verbena, thyme, Wintergreen.

operating tips: atmospheric use: 6-8 sprays spray in the air, to the four corners of the place to clean, to renew several times per day and especially the night at sunset. spray also on handkerchief laid near the pillow.


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S. Christine
  the 04/08/2017
5/ 5
I am so pleased with this product. A wonderful home fragrance,very uplifting .