Punch Power Pack Eco-Course

Organic energy pack to achieve the best sports performance possible. 

Manufacturer: Punch Power

SKU: 5625707


Punch Power Pack Eco-Course  is an organic energy pack that accompanies athletes before, during and after the race. 

Compete in trails or marathons to your best standards with this complete Punch Power kit containing: 

A jar of chocolate Biocake 

A Biodrink recovery orange sachet

5 exercise gels: Speedgel, Speedox, Speedpom, Speedfresh, Speedtonic

These energy products improves athletic performance and aids you in recovery. An energy program included in the pack will advise you to take products before, during and after the intense sports activity.

Calibrated doses prevent overconsumption and the choice of ingredients produced from organic farming guarantees a natural and healthy diet.


Organic energy pack for physical activity 

Directions for use

Follow the Punch Power energy program included in the pack that allows reasonable out products and respects the preparation phase, effort and recovery of the physical activity


A pot of chocolate Biocake 
A sachet of orange Biodrink recovery
A tube of Speedgel gel, gel endurance flavour neutral
A tube of Speedox gel, antioxidant gel red-fruit flavour
A tube of Speedpom gel, gel endurance apple flavour
A tube of Speedfresh, intense freshness mint-eucalyptus flavour
A tube of Speedtonic, gel anti pump shot flavour cola


Contains 5 tubes of gel, 1 pot and 1 sachet.