Zenderm Stick Apres-piqure soothing 10ml

An apres-piqure stick that gets carried away everywhere thanks to its pocket size.
Manufacturer: Zenderm
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SKU 2034374


The stick soothing zenderm calm the effects of bites. It is effective on many bites: mosquitoes, wasps, bees, bedbugs, fleas, spiders. Its gel texture gives an immediate sensation of freshness. Thanks to its tip applicator, the stick soothing Zenderm is practical to apply directly on the bite, without contact with the hands. Its discreet shape stick allows prevail everywhere (bag, car, beach etc...) and apply the gel in a few seconds as soon as the bite is waking up. Aloe Vera based, a natural soothing agent, the gel formula of stick soothing Zenderm respects the skin. Dermatologically tested, it is without ammonia.

Tips to use:

Carefully apply the gel to the skin by positioning the nozzle directly on the bite. Renew if necessary.


Box containing 1 soothing stick