Zapx Z100 comb anti-lice electronics

The alternative of shock to medical treatment

Manufacturer: Visiomed

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SKU: 6544740 Zapx Z100 comb anti-lice electronics

Prorpietes: combating lice from the hair in childhood is a real headache in times of invasion. Traditional ritual of treatments and repellents are generally effective but binding to use for the child, parents and entourage family. today, the laboratory Visiomed invented the lethal weapon. The Zap'x , an electronic lice comb. The Zap'x is now the effective alternative to creams, shampoos and other sometimes harmful medication in children after several attempts. The Zap'x was specifically designed to combat the invasion of the lice and parasites in humans and the child in a simple, effective manner and without any danger for hair or leather scalp. features: Prevention and treatment fast and natural 100% effective and safe for the hair completely painless and harmless even in toddlers. 100 volts not perceptible to humans, killing lice by electric shock on the field. Structure of steel teeth profiled destroying nits and dislodging the lice to the outside. No active ingredient, you can renew as many times as necessary the brushing of the hair with the comb anti-lice Zap'x . Precautions for use: -read the instructions before use -do not use the Zapx Z100 on wet hair -disinfect the Z100 Zapx after each use Specifications: Frequency: 5.1KHz Voltage: 98V/DC buzzer Frequency: 6.9KHz Indication: Buzz Power: 1 x AAA battery Consumption: 40mA when using Duration of battery life: Six hours in continuous use Dimensions: 110x55x15mm Weight: 90 g Standard: CE, RoHS, FCC Warranty: 1 year