Zapx C200 comb Special nits

SKU: 6544741 Zapx C200 comb Special slow

Prorpietes: combat lice and nits from the hair in childhood is a real headache in times of invasion. Traditional ritual of treatments and repellents are generally effective but binding a use for the child, more it is scientifically proven that no treatment can exterminate the nits. the teeth of the Zap'x C200 are composed of a structure tubular micro-dentee helical curved head. This innovation offers 100% efficiency most suited to the eradication of nits. Indeed, thanks to this innovative architecture nits will be protruding, torn and simultaneously evacuated out of the hair when combing in a natural way while respecting the leather scalp. operating tips: the Zap'x C200 is used on dry or wet, before or after shampoo :< hair br / >-take a section of hair about 5 cm. in width -paint the bit slowly starting from the root to the tip. -repeat this procedure on all of the hair as many times as necessary. Precaytion of employment: -Do not leave within reach of children. -Disinfect the zap'x after each use.