XAL salt in diet without Sodium 125g

Salt shaker of salt sodium indicated during sparing plans free

Manufacturer: Pharma Developpement

SKU: 6496427 XAL salt in diet without Sodium 125 g


125g salt (LCD 6496427).


potassium chloride, ammonium chloride, acid glutamic, magnesium chloride.

Anti-caking agent: dicalcium phosphate.

analytical composition for 100g:

Potassium: 32 g. Calcium: 5, 4 g. energy Value less than 50 kJ (12 kcal).


replaces regular salt when it is contraindicated.


diets without adding sodium.

operating tips:

seasoning food at will with Xal, either at table or cooking. for most foods, the taste will be more enjoyable if it sprinkles of Xal at the time consuming.