Willow protector Horn sheet and eye of Partridge 9 adhesive protectors

9 Horn and Partridge eye protectors
Manufacturer: Feuille de Saule
Special Price £2.20

Regular Price: was £2.70


SKU 4747032 PEDISAULE protector Horn and eye of Partridge 9 adhesive protectors

Overview :
the adhesive Bi-Protecteurs Pedisaule designed foam double density quickly relieve pain and bring well-being and comfort instantly.
it is advisable to use it on delicate areas or irritated skin. In case of diabetes or poor circulation, consult your physician prior to use. Keep out of reach of children.

instruction manual :
clean and thoroughly dry the foot. Apply the bi-protecteur by pressing firmly for adhesion. Renew the application every day if needed.

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