Weleda tonic freshness 100ml Lotion

SKU: 4136759 Weleda tonic freshness 100 ml Lotion


This lotion has the extract of Witch Hazel is suitable for all skin types. It was refreshing and purifying virtues. Used after removing makeup, she prepares the skin to the application of a treatment or moisturizer.

Weleda Lotion tonic operating tips:

Apply morning and evening in small quantities with a washer of cotton wool moistened cold water on the face, neck and dcollet after cleaning. the basic cleaning prepares optimally the skin to receive care creams.


  • Water-alcohol extract of rhizome of iris: stabilizes the skin tone
  • Alcohol distillate of Witch Hazel: vitalizes the skin, calm irritation
  • Lemon juice: slightly astringent, tones the skin
  • Blend of natural essential oils: pure vegetable perfume
  • Water, alcohol: adjuvants, extractors