Weleda tonic 200ml copper Gel


SKU: 6262416 Weleda tonic 200 ml copper Gel


The advice of your pharmacist. Soothes and tones the legs. Thanks to the action vasotonique of witch hazel and relaxing virtues and harmonising of copper, associated with other active plants such as arnica and Blackthorn, this non-greasy gel effectively relieves heavy and tired legs by stimulating the superficial microcirculation. Very refreshing, it instantly a sensation of lightness and tones legs permanently. Real active care, copper tonic Gel is particularly recommended: in addition for problems requiring the port of compression stockings. Prolonged in the event of occupation or activity binding to a station standing or sitting. After a sporting effort. During pregnancy. In the case of overweight.


Water, alcohol, lemon extract, distilled Witch Hazel water, glycerin, arnica extract, extract of burdock root, extracts of flower and fruit of Blackthorn, extract of rhizome of iris, sodium Silicate, xanthan gum, sulphate of copper, citric acid, essential oil of lemon.