Weleda Rose 100 ml Deodorant


SKU: 6021301 Weleda Rose 100 ml Dodorant


Floral scent. All natural, this deodorant scented sensual absolute of rose of Damascus associated with essential oil of ylang ylang and precious was conceived as an ode to femininity. Thanks to a blend of natural essential oils, it prevents and neutralises unpleasant body odors generated by bacterial development. Its natural formula without antiperspirant - such as certain salts of aluminum -, preserves the removal of the skin functions.

operating tips:

Spray deodorant under the armpits on clean, dry skin. Avoid the application after hair removal. Do not spray towards eyes or mucous membranes.


Alcohol, water, essential oils, including absolute of rose of Damascus and Ylang - Ylang, extract of leaf of rosehip, glycerin, (liquorice extract) ammonium Glycyrrhizate.