Weleda relaxing oil has Lavender 100ml

SKU: 7760033 Weleda relaxing oil has Lavender 100 ml


Relaxes and resource. Real care anti-stress, this body oil brings well-being and serenity. The essential oil of lavender to the characteristic scent, helps unravel the tensions for relaxation and inner peace. Sesame oil, light and nourishing, is associated with the softening sweet almond oil. These plant oils rich in essential fatty acids preserve the natural functions of the skin as well as its protective hydrolipid film. Regular care, this oil brings flexibility and softness to the skin. An oil massage relaxing with Lavender at the end of day or in times of stress has a soothing effect and promotes harmony between body and mind. Used at night, it facilitates a quiet and restful sleep.

operating tips:

The shower or the bath, skin still slightly wet (after will be stamped with a towel). We apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops are sufficient, in the Palm of your hand, spread over the entire body, not to mention the solar plexus (at the pit of the stomach), the neck and shoulder area, and feet. Applied in this way, the oil leaves that a very thin protective film on the skin, it smooths and satine, no effect 'fat '. Relaxing lavender oil is also ideal for the massage.


Sweet almond oil, sesame oil, essential oils including True Lavender.