Weleda organic Birch juice 200ml

Purifies the body and stimulates the process of elimination

Manufacturer: Weleda

SKU: 6149045 Weleda organic Birch juice 200ml


In the spring, to restore balance and vitality, it is advisable to help the body removal mechanisms. Prepared to collect the active substances of the leaves, this preparation for drink with extracts of birch leaves is on the physiological functions of elimination. Benefiting from this action, brightens the skin and complexion purifies itself gradually. Without sugar, Birch juice is particularly suitable as a complement to a regime of controlled caloric intake.

operating tips:

Birch Weleda juice is particularly advisable: each year, from 30 years in the seasons of transition (spring and fall) for a period of at least 3 weeks, to purify the body by stimulating the physiological process of elimination and preserve its youth and its flexibility. In addition to a plan of caloric intake controlled and associated with the use of the oil of Massage slimming programme slimming Weleda. To enhance the radiance of the complexion by purifying inside. The Birch Weleda juice is drunk diluted in a glass of water or an infusion 1 tablespoon juice 2-3 times per day before meals, for 3 to 6 weeks. You can also dilute the same quantity of product (30ml) into a large bottle of mineral, to consume during the day water.

composition: aqueous extract of young leaves of Birch of biological quality (94%), quality biodynamic (6%) lemon juice