Weleda oil Vivifiante to the Citrus 100 ml

SKU: 6694995 Weleda oil Vivifiante to the Citrus 100 ml


Softens and nourishes. Real nourishing care, this oil brings comfort to the skin. Composed of pure sweet almond oil, it ensures effective protection against dryness. It particularly suited to dry skin which found suppleness and softness. The fresh scent of citrus (lemon and orange) essential oils, telogen summer fragrances, awakens the vitality and good humor. Daily care and massage, this oil is a boon for the body and mind.

operating tips:

To facilitate its penetration into the skin, it is good to apply it in small amounts after the shower or the bath, still slightly damp skin (after will be stamped with a towel). We apply only the amount of oil that the skin can absorb. A few drops in the Palm of a hand: it rubs both palms against the other and is distributed on the skin by massaging to get (focusing more on the drier areas).


Oil of sweet almond, alcohol, essential oils of citrus (lemon orange...).