Weleda milk enlivening at Citrus 200 ml

Body milk which gives freshness, for proper hydration

Manufacturer: Weleda

SKU: 9936312 Weleda milk enlivening at Citrus 200 ml

Ideal in daily care for the entire family, the body milk invigorating gives an immediate sensation of freshness. To refuel every morning in a good mood! body milk natural Weleda. Ingredients of precious oils 100% vegetable concentrates, enriched extracts from medicinal plants body milks Weleda contain pure plant oils obtained by cold pressure from seeds, kernels and fruits long time ripened in the Sun, bursting energy and active. Their content of unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidant vitamins facilitates their assimilation by the skin, thus preserving its vitality. Weleda selects carefully throughout the world for their perfect affinity with the skin and for their beneficial effects on the entire body. Plant extracts used in the composition of the milk body Weleda new come predominantly from organic or bio-dynamic crops which respect the environment. delicious essential oils 100% natural fragrances Weleda chose also to note lavander of its care of the natural 100% essential oils that broadcast skin-deep their delicate perfume. Quintessence of vegetable, extracted from flowers, leaves and fruit, by nondenaturing natural processes, they are selected for their specific properties and enhance the beneficial effects of care daily. melting formulas of smooth textures thanks to their unique texture, body milks Weleda have strong moisturizing power and provide a delicious sensation of freshness comfort and softness. Apply daily on a perfectly dry skin after the shower or the bath, they penetrate very quickly with a few massage movements. Ideal so the morning, since they can be applied just before dressing. Result: a velvety, supple and radiant skin in a snap!