Weleda Massage of the perineum 50ml oil

Oil massage of the perineum. Nourishes and softens.

Manufacturer: Weleda



SKU: 4519986 Weleda oil of Massage the perineum 50 ml

indications: oil of Massage the perineum. nourishes and softens. oil Massage perineum WELEDA, regular massage, improves tissue flexibility and so prepares for childbirth. Used from the 34th week of pregnancy, it nourishes the skin of the perineum making it less fragile and more flexible. the perineum is an intimate muscle whose flexibility plays an essential role during childbirth. Taming this part of his body by exercising and massaging it, is preparing for the passage of the baby during childbirth. It also enable better after recovery to recover safely its continence and sexual life without pain or apprehension. to improve the responsiveness of the tissue with a gentle massage from the 34th week of pregnancy, Weleda has developed oil Massage of the perineum. Base oils of sweet almond and germ of wheat, naturally rich in vitamin E, it nourishes the skin of the perineum, making it less fragile and more flexible. This oil is tested under dermatological control.

operating tips: use oil massage perineum, every day, for 5-10 minutes. Massage relaxes tissues and muscles, which will be significantly more flexible and relaxed day after day. put yourself in a comfortable and relaxed position. After coated your thumb and your index of oil, start with an external massage with rotations on the skin of the perineum. Then, insert your thumb into the vagina and massage with a pressure on walls vaginal. in case of contractions before the 37th week, do not massage the perineum practice. If in doubt, consult a physician. Composition: oil of sweet almond, wheat germ oil, essential oils.