Weleda cream hands regenerative at Granada 50 ml

SKU: 4200032 Weleda cream hands regenerative at Granada 50 ml

Properties: subject day after day to external aggressions (frequent washings, household products, etc.), our hands are the signs of the times. Just like the face, dcollet and body, they need regular care, otherwise they dry out, become rough and their aging accelerates. regenerative hand cream in Grenada has been designed to delay the manifestations of skin aging, including age spots, thanks to a complex of anti-oxidant agents which significantly refresh the skin. natural formula stimulates the cellular renewal process and protects the epidermis from the effects of the radicals free, while moisturizing and nourishing the skin. it contains organic pomegranate seed oil, which, associated with vegetable oils organic sesame and sunflower, rich in essential fatty acids, acts as a scavenger of free radicals. Enriched with Shea butter, it prevents skin dryness, adding softness and comfort and preserves the youthfulness of the skin. Organic millet, sunflower and butcher's broom root flower petal extracts complement its action. flavored with natural essential oils including neroli, ylang ylang and blood orange, it deposits on the skin of the smell deliciously sensual. Used in daily care, this cream naturally preserves youth and sweetness of the hands. operating tips : regenerative hand cream the Weleda pomegranate is used on a daily basis (after every hand washing or at least morning and evening) to nourish and protect the skin and thus to maintain the beauty of the hands after 40 years: apply a small amount of product on their hands, massage up to penetration of the product. in case of very dry skin, can enrich this cream by mixing it in the Palm of your hand with a drop of regenerative in oil the Grenada. if hands very damaged by housework, gardening, DIY, etc., alternate with cream herbal medicinal Weleda. Can also apply this cream in the evening, in a thicker layer to leave overnight (Don cotton gloves). hands massage: is a great way to relax in no time and soften the joints of the fingers and wrists. Is indeed in the hands that build up the tension of the back and shoulders, especially at the end of day. hands massage is ideally practiced for two, but also in the form of self-massage. you can use for this regenerative oil single grenade or mixed with regenerative hand cream in Grenada: take a DAB of cream in the Palm of your hand Add one or two drops of oil, mix of the tips of the fingers. Then apportion on the hands and forearms. There are various techniques of massage of the hands, which used at the Weleda Paris Space according to a protocol developed by Weleda (new for 2009): it is carried out in the form of individual care and there will be taught within a small group workshop.