Weleda Brumessence 30ml


SKU 7324421 Weleda Brumessence 30 ml

Brumessence is a subtle mixture of 8 organic essential oils, strictly selected for their beneficent action on airway respiratory.
eucalyptus essential oil is recognized in aromatherapy for its expectorant and anti-infectious properties. Its action is enhanced by the essential oils of Juniper, Rosemary and niaouli, which work in synergy to cover a broad spectrum of microbial. Lavender and Salal bring their soothing properties. Clove and Peppermint, stimulating and purifying, give a feeling of freshness immediately.
presented in a spray without propellant gas, Brumessence form an aromatic mist that allows purifying and soothing virtues essential oils to break free and to clear the Airways.
for maximum efficiency, it is used on a handkerchief or sprayed in the air.

helps clear airway.

lavender essential oil
eucalyptus essential oil
niaouli essential oil
essential oil of rosemary
essential oil of peppermint
essential oil of wintergreen
essential oil of juniper
clove essential oil

operating tips:
spray Brumessence on a handkerchief and breathe deeply throughout the day. Renew the application as soon as smell is fade.
at any time, you can spray a little into the atmosphere to clean it up.
overnight, let a tissue impregnated with Brumessence near the pillow: you breathe the essential oils, very volatile.
Brumessence can also be used with a diffuser with essential oils, carbonators of radiators and the breakdown of the cars.
in addition to Brumessence , you can also use the bath revitalising the FIR, which the scent of essential oil of FIR and Siberian silver fir also facilitate the clearance of airway respiratory.
you can use. Weleda Rhinodoron to clean the nasal mucous membranes,

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