Weleda Baby Massage tummy 50ml oil

Massage oil for baby's tummy that soothes and relaxes.

Manufacturer: Weleda

SKU: 4519992 Weleda Massage belly baby 50 ml oil

indications: massage oil for baby's tummy that soothes and relaxes. This oil is specially formulated for the massage of the belly of a baby. essential oils of marjoram, chamomile and cardamom are traditionally used for their soothing after the meal. sweet almond oil nourishes and softens the skin. a massage with this oil relaxes and promotes the return to good be after meals. governing use : oil Massage Baby's tummy applies gentle massages on the baby's tummy (wait at least one half hour after feeding or bottle feeding). it is carried out with hands well warm, in a pleasant temperature for the baby room. The oil must be tempered. After having warmed up a few drops of product into the hands, it can be applied on baby's tummy: midwives recommend movements spiral, in an anti-clockwise direction, ranging from the navel to the periphery. this movement is especially recommended for relaxation when the baby is shaken and back knees towards the belly. oil massage belly of baby WELEDAapaise and Detendspecialement designed for the comfort and the relief of baby necessary for his well-being during digestion, this massage oil sweet almond oil based combines the effects of Marjoram, organic Chamomile and cardamom, three plants traditionally used to promote digestion. Composition: sweet almond oil, essential oils