Weleda Baby Massage smooth 200ml oil

SKU: 4358477 Weleda Baby Massage smooth 200 ml oil


Because that touch is the first sense by which your baby comes into contact with the world, the massage is beneficial to your baby's sensory development. Done with the gentle Massage oil, it allows you to deliver your baby softness and tenderness while providing care and protection to its fragile epidermis. Entirely vegetable, this oil supports the natural functions of the skin and surrounds an envelope of beneficial heat baby, sweet almond oil prevents skin dryness and preserves the softness of the skin, quality biodynamic calendula extract and extract quality organic Chamomile calm and soothe. Genuine ritual of sweetness and complicity on a daily basis, a massage with the Massage oil sweetness is a guarantee of well-being for your child. Effectiveness tested under dermatological control. Also suitable for Atopic skin.

operating tips:

You can massage your baby with a few drops of oil of Massage sweetness in the first week after birth, by gradually increasing the duration of the massage: from 2 minutes to start to 20 minutes from the first month, and more beyond. You feel your child's needs depending on age and its state of fatigue, ensuring simply that he take not cold. The timing of the massage can be after the NAP or bath. Do not do it just after meals.

composition: sweet almond oil, extract of flowers of calendula, Chamomile flowers, essential oils including essential oil extract of True Lavender. No preservatives, no colorants, without synthetic perfumes, without mineral oils. Not tested on animals.