Weleda baby Exchange 75 ml cream

SKU: 6529629 Weleda baby Exchange 75 ml cream


Calendula - protects, regenerates and soothes. Particularly covering, this cream protects baby's bottom. Rich in soothing plant, it effectively prevents the appearance of redness and regenerates the already fragile epidermis. Prevention, it protects the skin and prevents redness due to friction and contact with the stool. Care, it soothes and regenerates the epidermis already sensitized. And it smells deliciously good! A mixture of oil of sweet almond and sesame from organic quality oil promotes regeneration of the epidermis. Extracts of Calendula quality biodynamic and organic quality Chamomile soothes the redness with soothing virtues. The insulating and absorbing properties zinc oxide provides optimum coverage. Beeswax reinforces this action by forming a lightweight non-Occlusive protective film. A gesture of natural daily care for the comfort and well-being of babies! Effectiveness tested under dermatological control. Also suitable for Atopic skin.

operating tips:

Cream baby for Exchange use daily as a preventive measure or to calm redness. It applies to every Exchange, thick layer on clean skin and dry.


Water, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, zinc oxide, wax bee, lanolin, Esters of fatty acid, clay, extract of calendula flowers, flowers of Chamomile essential oils including essential oil extract of True Lavender. No preservatives (parabens etc), no colour, no synthetic fragrances, without mineral oils. Not tested on animals.