Weleda almond comfort 50ml absolute oil

Oil for the face, formulated for sensitive dry skin care

Manufacturer: Weleda



SKU: 9532649 Weleda almond comfort 50 ml absolute oil


Harmonises and smooth

This oil for the face, soft and enveloping, has been formulated for sensitive dry skin care. Composed of oils sweet almond and plum, pure and delicate, nuclei associated with an extract of Blackthorn blossom, it promotes the natural regeneration of the epidermis. Addressed, sensitive skin find their natural balance. The skin gains elasticity, it is visibly more supple and smooth. The facial oil is used daily in intensive protection or night restoring for dry skin care. It is ideal for a gentle eye makeup operating tips:

facial almond oil can be used in different ways, depending on the needs of skin :

day care in inclement weather: is ideal for sensitive and reactive skins daily basic care, it can also serve as protection during severe weather conditions.

In both cases, it can be used pure: dispense a few drops of oil into the Palm of the hand, then gently apply on the skin of the face and neck previously cleaned and still wet.

care of day or night, for very dry skin: mix oil facial care face cream almond at the rate of a few drops of oil to a DAB of cream in the Palm of your hand to apply on the face and neck.

In night care: apply a few drops of oil care face, the tip of the fingers, to penetrate into the skin and massage gently

This oil is particularly suited to the areas fragile and prone to the appearance of wrinkles. Composition:

Oil of sweet almond oil of nuclei of plum flower of sloe extract packaging:

50 ml bottle