WaterPik Sensonic Standard brush 3 heads

three-headed brush sensonic standard with Advanced design for a better elimination of plaque.
Manufacturer: Waterpik


SKU 5124238 WaterPik Sensonic Standard brush 3 heads

Waterpik standard brush heads lead you to optimal dental plaque thanks to its advanced design.

These 3 brush heads are ideal for the other products listed below:

  • total dental hygiene (WP-900)
  • professional Sensonic more (SR-3000)
  • professional Sensonic more (SR-1000)

about waterpik

Waterpik is a manufacturer of electrical appliances of oral hygiene for over 50 years. All Waterpik products are tested by clinics and universities. Some of their products have been approved by more than 40 clinical studies.

directions for use:

For an optimal result, Sanareva pharmacists advise you to replace your brush head every 3 months.

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