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WaterPik dental water jet Complete Care WP-900E2

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SKU 5015607 WaterPik dental water jet Complete Care WP-900E2

Waterpik specialises in oral hygiene. It develops products and high quality at the forefront of technology for the good health of your teeth.

Waterpik Sensonic professional SR-3000E more:


Equipment delivered to brush teeth Waterpik Sensonic professional SR-3000E more:

  • 1 toothbrush with high quality charger
  • 1 brush Sensonic to head wide and to rounded for brushing smooth bristles
  • 1 brush Sensonic small head and bristle rounded for smooth brushing
  • 1 carrying case for toothbrush electric Sensonic SR3000 and its brushes

Waterpik dental water jet WP100 Ultra:


With a combination of water pressure and pulsations, it eliminates the bacteria deep between teeth and below the gumline, there where the toothbrush cannot reach them. Ideal for cleaning around prosthesis dental. it has been clinically proven that Waterpik irrigators are 93% more effective than dental floss. A study has measured the reduction of bleeding gums and inflammation after 28 days. You can improve the health of your gums in just 14 days.

Supplied with the Waterpik Accessories:

  • 2 standard water jet WP100 Waterpik tips.
  • 1 Waterpik Pik Pocket tip.
  • 1 orthodontic Waterpik tip.
  • 1 tip Plaque Seeker


Regular tooth brushing is recommended for optimal oral hygiene. Brush your teeth 2 times per day minimum.

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