WaterPik dental water jet 70th family

Reduces gingivitis and improves gum health.
Manufacturer: Waterpik
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SKU 4227290 WaterPik dental water jet 70th family


Waterpik family WP 70 - E is a water flosser for daily use equipped for 4 people. It eliminates bacteria and fight effectively against gingivitis in places that the brush and flossing do reach.


-proven clinically.
-eliminated with gentleness and effectiveness food particles for freshness and cleanliness above.
-water reservoir makes ausi lid which protects the nozzle and handle , ensuring a hygienic, compact and practical storage on the lavatory.
-Pressure custom multi-adjustable, massage gently cleaning vigorous.
-easy Command that allows you to control the flow and pressure of water.
-The new lingual curette, specially profiled, collects and eliminates bacteria causes bad smell and freshens the breath.
-The patented mechanism produces pulsed water jets that humidify the language and eliminate bacteria.

operating tips:

for use with water, mouthwash or an anti-bacterial solution, according to the recommendations of your dentist and your hygienist.


a box containing a device + instruction manual.

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