Water of the Carmelites Boyer MELISSANE soothing herbal tea 20 bags 30g box

SKU: 4053660 water des Carmes Boyer MELISSANE herbal tea soothing 20 bags


New variation of balm water, MELISSANE herbal tea soothing now, brings the benefits of it in version infusion.

MELISSANE soothing herbal tea combines Melissa, verbena and lavender. The lemon balm water, which enters its composition contributes to optimal relaxation with 100% natural assets. It invites to relaxation and well-being and appreciates the time of a break, a simple pleasure found.

mode of preparation MELISSANE herbal tea soothing

Do infuse a bag in a cup (20 cl) for 5 to 7 minutes. Drink 1-3 cups of tea per day, preferably after meals.


For a bag of 1.25 gr

Melissa 45%, 45%, 10% Lavender Verbena