Vox Lysopaine Junior 18 lozenges

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SKU: 4037916 Vox Lysopaine Junior 18 lozenges


Vox Lysopaine is a medical device designed to calm the hoarseness and irritation of the throat to the taste of strawberry.

Vox Lyspaine is a double-layer tablet based on assets of natural origin :

  • Foam extract Icelandic, which is actually a lichen, is soothing the mucosa of the mouth and throat. Mucilage contained in foam act as a protective film on the iriitee of the throat mucosa.
  • Stone of alum, a natural mineral, is, due to its astringent, as a barrier against germs and infections and thus protects your throat.

Tips for using Vox Lysopaine:

  • In adults and children from 6 years old: up to 8 lozenges per day, according to individual needs.
  • Vox Lysopaine is indicated for use of short duration and not to exceed 30 days without medical advice.
  • If symptoms persist longer than 3 days, or if they get worse, and in the event of fever or other complications, medical advice should be sought.


Do not take Vox Lysopaine if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to the alum stone, at the Icelandic Moss or any other ingredients contained in this device medical. Vox Lysopaine should not be used in children under 6 years. it contains the alum stone which represnete a source of aluminum. The patient suffering from the maledie of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease as well as dialysis patients should consult their doctor before taking this product.



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