Vitry ticks stainless pliers

pliers-ticks for animals.
Manufacturer: Vitry


SKU 9102810 Vitry ticks stainless pliers


The Vitry laboratory develops for animals, dogs and cats, tick pliers.

This clip to ticks in stainless steel to eliminate smoothly, without pain and without hazardous products to the animal, the tick of its coat. Indeed, this ticks clamp allows to remove ticks with the head, to avoid infections, and leisurely ticks to mitigate against risk of inoculation of diseases.

Is the safest and fastest way to remove a tick safely manually.

Your animal is rid of all even small ticks.

Tips for using Vitry pliers-ticks:

Place the clamp tick flush with the skin of the animal and then slowly remove the tick by rotary motion.

Then well disinfect the wound and burn the tick.


Stainless steel clamp.

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