Vitry Nail Care growth 10ml Serum


SKU: 9998820 Vitry Nail Care growth 10 ml Serum


Done Vitry laboratory Growth Serum party Nail Care range which helps to improve and repair the damaged nails.

This product contains the Kerastim a component very effective which improves the regrowth of nails. Growth Serum facilitates regrowth, hardened and regenerates course nails for a result visible in less than two weeks.


has use for the nails that are not pushing very quickly, which are broken and especially after removing your fake nails that helps regenerate your nails.

operating tips

Serum is to be applied every evening and for at least two weeks on the nails without varnish after having them clean with a solvent.

Pour a drop on the nails and massage in a way to bring the product in the roots of nails.

Think washing your hands each morning.


Kerasim, Cystine.