Vitry nail 50 earth fire 4ml

Nail strengthening and colorful protector
Manufacturer: Vitry


SKU 9777423


Les laboratories Vutry have developed a range of varnish helping to nail growth while strengthening. Indeed, it can seal the layers of keratin of the nail between them.

More its colour trend Fuego is easily regardless of the holding and the time. Its pocket format to have it all the time with self.


Without toluene, formaldehyde, camphor, without dibuthyl phthalate, without Rosin or added nickel.

Operating tips:

Apply a first layer from the base of the nail and stretching outwards. Once this first layer dries, renew the application. For an impeccable record, it is advisable to finish with a top caot elbow.


Bottle of 4ml Vitry Polish land of fire 4ml

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