Vitry Menhir grater Plantar wide strong calluses

Grated orange foot in order to eliminate the horns and calluses underfoot.

Manufacturer: Menhir

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SKU: rapeora Vitry Menhir grater Plantar wide strong calluses Orange

to avoid the formation of horn or calluses it is essential to hydrate HISTO ent feet and use a scrub or a file. Indeed, the presence of calluses and Horn under the feet can become very disabling and painful if no proper care is applied.


Vitry laboratory has developed specially for feet Rpe Menhir Orange, ideal for daily use and intensive use.

This allows for gently remove all imperfections underfoot. This grater feet softens and beautifies the feet of effectively and sustainably.

, The design of its handle adapts perfectly to the morphology of the hand makes its easy use.

Tips for using Vitry grated Orange for feet:

on skin wet, shredding the calluses and the Horn-prone areas of the foot and then rinse with clear water and dry. We recommend that follows to use a care adapted to the feet so the hydrate them.