Vitry Men Care razor blades 5 refills

Rechargeable blades for razor Vitry Men Care.
Manufacturer: Vitry


SKU 9333405 Vitry Men Care razor blades 5 refills


Vitry has developed its activity by launching a line of complementary cosmetic products to the accessory, in partnership with major recognized Labs that support the design and development of formulas: hands care, nail care and foot care lines meet the real needs of consumers. Vitry has also established itself on the care of the face, with a range of products Switzerland innovative anti-aging cosmetics.

Vitry specializes in the manufacture of accessories manicure-pedicure, guaranteed for life, such as: tweezers stainless, stainless steel nail, nail stainless steel scissors

Vitry laboratory has developed a razor with a blade system that guarantees a better shaving effect.

Rechargeable blades Vitry Men Care are adaptable to the razor Vitry Men Care. Its 3-blade system allows a comfortable shave safely. Indeed, its lubricating strips are enriched with Aloe Vera and its head is swivel.

, Shaving is impeccable and long-lasting.

Tips for using Vitry Men Care blades of razor:

Replace the old razor with a new blade blade regularly.

Remove the old blade by the unclipping then fix the new blade in the clipping them.

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