Vitry Men Care nail clippers Pedicure

nail clippers special feet designed for men.
Manufacturer: Vitry


SKU 4273686 Vitry Men Care nail clippers Pedicure


Laboratory Vitry has implemented a new range of products specially for men: Vitry Men Care.

Vitry Men care Nail clippers Pedicure is a nail clippers specially adapted for men. It is a traditional model, it is extra-flat and stainless steel.

It allows to maintain and have good hygiene of the feet even nails for men.

So, this nail clippers to cut the nails of the feet perfectly but also to soften the cut thanks to the lime incorporated for a perfect finish.

operating Vitry Men Care nail clippers Pedicure tips:

for not harming the nail and its contours, it is important to follow a few tips:

  • choose a comfortable position for the nails of the feet,

  • cut the side edges and then the tip of the nail, the white, part

  • avoid cutting too close to the skin or too ras.

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